Equipment Checkout Center

Hours of Operation

Monday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Federal Holidays Closed

Hours of Operation

7093 Specker Ave.
Bldg. 2429
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WiFi Available

Handicap Accessible


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What does the Equipment Checkout Center do?

Looking to rent some gear/equipment to start on your next adventure or make your special event happen? The Equipment Checkout Center is located in the Outdoor Recreation Complex and is the place to start! Your choice of equipment for the mountains, birthday parties, org day, etc. are available to rent at extremely reasonable rates. If you need to store a recreational vehicle, we've got secure RV storage lots, located right next to our building and by Gate 20. 

Rental Policies

All prices are subject to change at any time.

  • Must be 18 years of age with a valid military ID
  • Equipment/Deposits must be pad in full at time of reservation
  • Equipment rentals can be picked up on Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday between 10:00am & 6:15pm; Sunday between 9:00am & 12:`5pm
  • Equipment returns will be excepted between 10:00am & 2:00pm Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday; 12:00pm on Sunday
  • Cancellations less than 48 hours or 2 days prior to pick up date will be charge a 1/2 day rental fee
  • No refunds given for equipment unused or turned in early
  • ODR Staff is not responsible to load or unload equipment
  • Late equipment will be charged 1/2 a day rental fee per day
  • Reservations are on a first come first serve basis not to exceed 30 days in advance
  • No reservations for ski & snowboard gear
  • Prices subject to change


Winter Equipment Rates

All prices are subject to change.

Winter rentals available between November 1 - April 15.

Item Daily Rate

Adult Ski or Snowboard Package

ski or snowboard, boots, helmet (13 & Up)


Junior Ski or Snowboard Package

ski or snobarod, boots, helmet (12 & Under)

Cross Country Ski Package $20
Adult Ski or Snowboard $15
Junior Ski or Snowboard $10
Adult Ski or Snowboard Boots $5
Junior Ski or Snowboard Boots $5
Snowshoes $10
Helmet $5

Optional Ski or Snowboard Insurance

Covers minor repairable damage to skis or snowboards only



  • Winter Gear rentals are on a first come first serve basis. No Reservations

Seasonal Rates

December 1st 2018 - May 1st 2019

We have a limited amount of Season Rentals, all gear is on a first come, first served basis!
Item Rate
Adult Ski/Snowboard Package $185
Junior Ski/Snowboard Package (12 & under) $145
Winter Equipment Repair and Maintenance

All prices are subject to change.

Binding Calibration (Limited) $15
Hand Wax & Edge $25
Hand Wax $15
Edge $15

Basic Tune

Machine edge & wax, stone grind


Full Tune

Base repair, side & base edge, stone grind & hand wax


Performance Tune

Base repair, diamond polished side edge, base bevel, stone grind & performance wax



  • Major repairs such as core shots, edge work, and epoxy are based upon estimates made by ski technicians due to time and materials needed to complete the repair.
  • It is recommended to get a full or performance tune after any major repairs to the base are done. 
  • Turn around time based on shop availability
Camping / Hunting / Fishing Equipment

All prices are subject to change.

Camping Equipment

Item Day Rate
Cooler 35 quart $5
Cooler 55 quart $10
Cooler 125 quart $15
Water Jug 3 gallon $2
Water Jug 5 gallon $4
Water Jug 10 gallon $6
Stove (2-burner propane) $5
Folding Cots $5
Sleeping Bags $10
Sleeping Mats $5
2 Person Tent $15
4 Person Tent $25
6 Person Tent $35
Backpack $5
Generator (2000 Watts) $40
Generator (3000 Watts) $50
Generator (5000 Watts) $70
Lanterns $5


Hunting/Fishing Equipment

Item Day Rate
Fishing Poles $5
Camper / Boat / Boating Equipment Rentals (Seasonal)

All prices are subject to change.

Summer season rentals available between May 1 - October 31

Camper Rentals

  • $150 security & cleaning deposit required on all trailers.
  • A 1 hour travel trailer safety video and vehicle inspection must be done prior to reservations
  • Safety videos are held on Monday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at 11:30am, 3:30pm, & 4:30pm.
  • Safety Video is required every 3 years. Vehicle inspection is required every year per vehicle

Vehicle Inspection Requirements

    • Trailer Electrical Connection Hitch Ball Height Electrical Break Controller Hitch Ball Size
      18' R-Pod

      7 Way Round

       17" - 20" Ground to Top of Ball Rental comes with it 2"
      Tear Drop 7 Way Round 17" - 20" Ground to Top of Ball  Needed 2"
      23' KZ Escape 7 Way Round 17" - 20" Ground to Top of Ball Needed 2"


Travel Trailer Day Rate

18' Forest River R-Pod 2017

kitchen, bathroom, shower, queen size bed, 1 table turns into a 42"x 74" size bed, heater, AC, TV, requires 3500 lb. towing package


Tear Drop

queen size bed inside & exterior kitchen, solar lighting


23' KZ Escape Travel Trailer

kitchen, bathroom, shower, queen size bed, twin bunk beds, table & couch converts to full size beds, regrigerator, freezer, heat & AC



Boats/Boating Equipment Rentals

  • $100 deposit on all fishing boats
  • $50 deposit on canoes, kayaks, & trailers
  • Kayaks & Canoes require 2 pople to load and unload off the vehicle. Customers are responsible for securing the rental to thier vehicle. Padding or tie downs will not be provided
  • Kayaks & Canoes are not allowed on any river
  • A 1 hour boating safety video and vehicle inspection must be done prior to reservations. Safety videos are held on Monday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at 10:30am, 2:30pm, & 5:30pm
  • Vehicles must come equipped at time of inspection with:
    • 2” ball
    • Flat 4 electrical connection
    • Top of hitch ball must be between 17’’ - 20’’ from the ground
    • All boats, SUPs, kayaks, & canoe rentals include requred safety equipment
Item Day Rate
14' Tracker Boat $50
16' Lund $75
17' Canoe $40
Sea Kayak (1 person) $25
Sea Kayak (2 person) $35
Canoe/Kayak Trailer $20

Stand Up Paddle Board

Recommended weight 110-250 lbs.

Paddles $5
Personal Flotation Device $5
Sports Equipment

All prices are subject to change.

 Item Day Rate
KHS Fat Tire Mountain Bike $30
KHS Full Suspension Mountain Bike $35

Bicycle Rack Hitch

Holds up to 4 bikes

Baketball, Soccer ball, Volleyball $3

Disc Golf Set

Driver, Putter, & Mid


Bean Bog Toss

2 Boards & 8 Bags


Potato Sacks

Set of 5

Frisbee $1

Horse Shoe Set

2 Spikes & 4 Shoes


Softball Set

9 Gloves, 2 balls, 2 bats

Tug of War Rope $5

Flag Football Set

14 belts, 6 cones, & a football

Spike Ball $10
Utility Trailers / Dunk Tank / Grills / Roasters

All prices are subject to change.

Rentals are available year round.

  • $50 security & cleaning deposit on all towable equipment
  • Local rentals only, not to exceed 55 MPH
  • Vehicles must come equipped at time of inspection with:
    • 2” ball
    • Flat 4 electrical connection
    • Top of hitch ball must be between 17’’ - 20’’ from the ground
  • Vehicle inspection required prior to reservation
  • Pigs must no exceed 150 lbs
  • Grills must be returned clean & free of grease, food, & ash or deposit will not be refunded

Utility Trailers

Item Day Rate

5' x 8' Enclosed Trailer

holds up to 2000 lbs.

5' x 10' Open Flat Bed $30

Car Hauler

requires a 7 way electric connection

Car Dolly $40


Dunk Tank

Item Day Rate
Dunk Tank $75



Item Day Rate
Charcoal BBQ Grill $30
Gas Grill $50
Smokers $75
Charcoal Pig Roaster with electric spit $50
Entertainment / Event / Party Equipment

All prices are subject to change.

  • Entertainment and Party Equipment are available for rent year round
  • $50 security and cleaning deposit on all inflatables
  • Inflatables require a minimum of 3 Adults able to lift, load & unload
  • If the inflatable is dirty or wet upon return, deposit will not be refunded
 Item Day Rate
Rectangle Tables (5', 7', & 8') $8
Round Tables (60" x 29") $8
Chairs (Folding or Stackable) $1
Canopy Tents 20' x 20' (Grass Only) $50
Canopy Tents 20' x 30' (Grass Only) $70
Canopy Tents 20' x 40' (Grass Only) $90
Slip and Slide $100
Jump Castle (18' x 18' x 23') $100
Obstacle Course (61' x 13' x 13') $100
Jousting Arena (23' x 23' x 5') $125
Sumo Suit $100
Castle/Slide Combo (24' x 15' x 16') $150


Specialty Inflatables Day Rate
UFO $175
Bouncin' Buds $150
Princess Carousel $150
Haunted Maze $150
Candy Playland $150
Pumpkin $150
Scary Bouncer $150
Princess Carousel with Horses $150
Dragon Hide-n-Slide $150
Corn Maze $150
T-Rex Combo $175


RV Storage

Hours of Operation

Open 24 hours

Operated by Fort Carson Outdoor Rec

7093 Specker Ave
Bldg. 2429
Google Map


Military DSN Tel:

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Fort Carson RV Storage Facilities offer a safe and secure location for privately owned vehicles, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, or utility trailers of all kinds. Spaces are available at a nominal fee to authorized patrons. Our secondary RV storage lot is located on the southeast section of Magrath Ave. by Gate 20. Both storage facilities are accessible 24/7 using secure electronic keypad entry.

Storage spaces are available to Active Duty Military, National Guard Members, Military Retirees, and DOD Civilians, with Active Duty Military having Priority placement. All items stored in the ODR RV Storage lots must have comprehensive insurance on the item to include theft, fire, wind and hail storm damage. If storage space is not available at the time of your inquiry, you may request to be added to the waitlist.

Monthly storage rates are based on the size of the space and are subject to change: 

Space Monthly Rate
Up to 10' $25
11'-19' $30
20'-29' $35
30'-39' $40
40' or larger $45