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Fort Carson Automotive Skills Center

COVID-19 Update(s): The Fort Carson Auto Skills Center re-opens with adjusted hours on Wednesday–Saturday. All patrons will be required to wear appropriate face mask as well as protective gloves at all times. Every other bay will be opened for repair only in order to comply will social distancing. The body shop, paint booths as well as additional drive on bays will be opened effective July 1. Patrons will still be limited to necessary repairs with small modification allowed if space is available. Contact the Fort Carson Auto Skills Center to see if open as Fort Carson COVID-19 response may impact hours of operation.


Clean-up time begins half an hour before closing.

Call 719-526-0096 when bad weather occurs to see if the Fort Carson Auto Skills Center is open.  The Fort Carson Auto Skills Center employees and/or personnel are not considered mission essential during inclement weather situations. 

Automotive Skills Center Introduction and Safety Guidelines


Automotive Skills Center Highlights

Equipment and Amenities
  • Central tool issuing room
  • Parts cleaning bay
  • 5 Drive on bays
  • 9 General repair bays
  • 5 Engine overhaul bays
  • 4 Auto body repair bays
  • 3 Tire bays
  • 2 Paint booths
  • 1 Muffler bay
  • 2 Motorcycle lifts
  • Tool boxes at all bays
  • Tire mounting and spin balance
  • Steam cleaner
  • Engine block cleaner
  • Sand blaster
  • Exhaust bending machine
  • Hydraulic press
  • Chop saw / band saw / drill oress
Services Offered
  • Vehicle overnight storage
  • Welding (MIG, TIG, ARC, Plasma)
  • Vehicle door unlock 
  • Inside component storage
  • Winter and summer checks
  • Drum/rotor turning
  • Hand held diagnostic testing
  • AC evac/recharge
  • Coolant flush
  • Transmission flush
  • Wheel alignment rack
Parts and Supplies Price List

All prices are subject to change. Prices shown are per unit.

Item Price Unit
Conventional oil (5-20, 5-30, 10-30) $3 qt.
Synthetic oil (5-20, 5-30, 10-30) $5 qt.
Diesel motor oil (Rotella) $8 qt.
Oil Filter, conventional car/truck $4-$6 ea.
Gear lube, conventional  $4 qt.
Gear lube, synthetic $8 qt.
White lithium spray grease $4 ea.
Wheel bearing grease $2.50 ea.
Power steering fluid $2.50 pt.
Brake fluid  $2.50 pt.
Brake Kleen brake cleaner $4 ea.
Penetrating lluid (Liquid Wrench)  $4 ea.
Carb cleaner $4 ea.
Windshield washer fluid $3 gal.
Antifreeze, green  $17 gal.
Antifreeze, Dex Cool $22 gal.
Dexron III ATF $4 qt.
Mercon V ATF $6.50 qt.
Dexron VI ATF $6.50 qt.
ATF +4 $6.50 qt.
Air fresheners  $1.25 ea.
Shop rags, 5 each  $2.00 bundle
Tire valve stems $0.70 ea.
RTV (Red, blue, black, copper) $3.50-$7.50 ea.
Loctite (Threadlocker), red & blue $4-$7.50 ea.
Grinding wheels $4.50  ea.
Cut-off wheels  $1.15-$3.50 ea. 
Reciprocating blades  $4  ea.
Exhaust tubing, 1.5 to 3-inch  $12-$34 5 ft. 
Exhaust clamps  $3.50  ea.
Electrical fuses, various sizes  $0.75  ea.
Two (2) and Four (4) wheel alignment $80 (additional $30 labor charge may apply) per vehicle
Labor/Service Rates

All prices are subject to change. Prices shown are per unit. One hour minimum charge for bay fees. 

Item Price Unit
Lift bay fee $8 hr.
Flat/diagnostic bay fee $6 hr.
Tire breakdown/balance $5 ea.
Tire disposal $4 ea
Brake rotors/drums turned $10 ea
Air Conditioning recharge $55 + 20 per lb of freon r134 -
Computer scan/codes cleared $30 per vehicle
Welding Starting at $25 -
Plasma cutting/tig welding Starting at $20 -
Transmission flush

$55 (Vehicle owner needs to provide own fluid)

Coolant flush $55 + antifreeze -
Electrical check & hookup $15 -
Arbor (bearing) & strut press $5 per use
Exhaust tubing bending $5 per bend/flare
Steam cleaner, parts $5 per use
Engine block cleaner $5 per use
Sandblasting (cabinet size only) $20 (minimum) -

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