Loan Closet - Discontinued as of Nov 1, 2018

Hours of Operation

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
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6391 Wetzel Ave.
Bldg. 1524
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The Army Community Service (ACS) Relocation Readiness Program discontinued its Loan Closet Program as of Nov 1, 2018.

If additional assistance is needed, contact ACS at +1(719)526-4590 or +1(719)526-1070.

To find a list of area thrift stores, type thrift shops in the Enter Keyword search box for the 211 website.

Fort Carson specific resources indude:

What Relocation Offers Overall

Community Connection

Multicultural Services

  • Everyday English Course
  • Immigration assistance and classes (Green Card, Immigration 101, and Naturalization)
  • Meet-Up Groups for German, Latino and Multicultural
  • Multicultural assessment appointments
  • Naturalization ceremonies
  • Office on the Go Services
  • Referrals for English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • S-1 Naturalization Training
  • Tranlation referrals

Newcomers Services

  • Homebuyer's Workshop
  • Loan Closet - Details listed above on this page.
  • Newcomer's Information and Resources
  • Newcomer's Orientation
  • Office on the Go Services
  • Relocation Counseling for Newcomers
  • Welcome Packets

Transitioning Services

  • Clearing for ACS, AER, & EFMP
  • Destination Overseas
  • Loan Closet - Details listed above on this page.
  • Office on the Go Services
  • PCS 101
  • Relocation Counseling for Chaptering, ETSing and Retiring
  • Relocation Packets for other locations
  • Sponsorship Information and Training
  • United Through Reading Program
  • Waiting Families Program