Pre-Deployment Resilience

Pre-Deployment Resilience

Learn practical strategies and skills that can be used by Spouses and significant others to maintain resilience during a deployment.

In addition to these practical strategies, the module aims to increase resilience by discussing common relationship challenges experienced by Spouses and significant others during deployment. Being aware of common challenges in advance allows for these challenges to be put in perspective when / if they do occur. Not being aware of the common challenges, Spouses may think that they are the only ones experiencing them, and wrongly assume that their relationship is in trouble. This could put additional strain on the relationship and on individuals during an already challenging time.

Focus will be on: 

  • Communication
  • Energy Management/stress management
  • Using Your Character Strengths
  • Gratitude/Hunt the Good Stuff
  • Growth

This class is for unit FRGs to schedule for Family members, contact our lead Resilience instructor to get your unit on the schedule.



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Contact our lead Resilence instructor to get your unit on the schedule.