Rock Climbing Coaching

Rock Climbing Coaching

Ivy Fitness Center Climbing Wall - 6415 Specker Ave Bldg. 1925 Fort Carson 80913 Google Map

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The Ivy Fitness Center Climbing Wall is offering one-on-one climbing coaching for anybody interested, from children to adults.

  • Sessions run for approximately 60 minutes and  include coaching for climbing technique, route reading, climbing terminology, and fitness.
  • Available time slots fall within the hours of 3-6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

Need more details? Contact coach Corey at the number provided below or use the "E-mail Us" button below to send him an e-mail.


  • No minimum or maximum age,
  • Students must weigh at least 30 lbs.
  • Waiver required for participation
  • Parental supervision is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for those ages 15 or younger.
  • No childcare will be provided.
  • Parents must be present with the child in the climbing area.
  • Parental discretion is advised as rock climbing is an inherently dangerous activity
  • Absolutely no alcohol allowed
  • Ivy Fitness Center weather policy applies
  • Refunds are available only prior to the scheduled time between the coach and the client.
  • No refunds issued for no-shows.
  • Call-ahead cancellation is honored if the session is cancelled ahead of the scheduled time, or if proof of extreme circumstances is provided.
  • No alternate locations available

Adaptive Needs

  • Adaptive needs climbers are welcome.
  • Clients with adaptive needs should contact Coach Corey to discuss their needs, for proper planning and equipment.



Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages:

  • 1 session = $20
  • 2 session package = $35
  • 3 session package = $55
  • 4 session package = $75

First session is free and qualifies the client for a $5 coupon to use on their purchase of any package. If a client completes 4 sessions in one month he or she receives a $10 coupon to use towards the purchase of another package.

Gear Rental

  • Included with each coaching session
  • Promo: purchase a 2+ session package then gear rental is free for the entire month (regular climbing on your own time) at Ivy Fitness Center

Registration Info

Registration: Contact coach Corey at the number provided below or use the "E-mail Us" button below to send an e-mail!

  • Clients can contact Coach Corey to schedule a date and time for a coaching session. The first session can be paid for in person at the Ivy Fitness Center front desk.
  • Additional coaching/session packages can also be purchased by the client at Ivy Fitness Center front desk, only after communicating with Coach Corey.
  • Sorry! No scheduling can occur without the coach's approval.