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Army Community Service (ACS) Instructor Training

Note: This event has already passed.

ACS Instructor Course is a 3 day train-the-trainer program executed in many forms with a central tenet: provide training and knowledge to support the total Army effort.  ACS Instructors utilize Army Family Team Building (AFTB) curriculum to encourage strong Soldiers and Families. 

Whether you are an experienced trainer who wants to enhance your training skills, or have never trained before, the ACS Instructor Course is a program that will set you on the path to success as a trainer! 

AFTB class modules are standardized throughout the entire Army ~ wherever you are assigned, you can take advantage of the information offered through the program.   The ACS Instructor course provides certification for instructors to teach any of AFTB's three different levels, that are comprised of 30 individual modules. Modules can be completed at the student's discretion, no particular order is required, and there are no prerequisites.

Instructors learn to present all three levels - everything from Military Benefits and Entitlements to Establishing Team Dynamics and Effective Communication For Leaders.  Instructors can present AFTB classes to Soldiers and Family members, in virtual, small unit group, or even large classroom settings.

Instructors learn how the Instructor, Facilitator and Briefer styles can be used and how they complement each other when training adults.  

Instructor Training Course - ITC prepares volunteers to become instructors for the AFTB program.  Because we are an all-volunteer corps, we continually recruit instructors.  Instructor Training prepares Family Members, Soldiers, and Civilians to become an effective ACS/AFTB instructor.  No prior teaching experience is necessary.  Instructor Training classes include developing platform skills, teaching adult learners, managing the learning environment, and methods of instruction and the preparation process.  Benefits include childcare (when available), professional development, resume building experience, networking opportunities, and meeting new people. 

Facilitator Training Course - FTC is designed to introduce you to new skills to become a successful facilitator.  We use the Instructor Training Course as a pre-requisite for the Facilitator Training Course to give you a foundation of quality presentation skills and group interaction skills.  Now, you’ve been asked to facilitate a group.  What does that mean exactly?  Do you just lead a discussion?  There are many skills and techniques necessary to be a successful instructor.  This same set of skills and techniques apply to a successful facilitator.  As a facilitator, you will need to acquire a wide range of skills and tools. 

Briefer Training Course - BTC is designed to teach you skills to become a successful briefer.  Briefers may be called upon to deliver briefings on a wide variety of information and programs to diverse audiences.  You may be asked to give a desk side briefing to a commander or brief different sizes and types of audiences on various programs.  With that in mind, we developed this course to specifically address how to prepare for and present effective briefings.  This class also addresses how to tailor various ACS briefings to suit different audiences and accomplish different purposes.



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