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The ACS Employment Readiness Program (ERP) is here to assist you with your employment needs. Our Employment Readiness Specialists provide one on one resume reviews, job search assistance, interview preparation, career skills development, and various employment resources. Register for a class and/or professional development workshop below under the “Class – Online Registration” tab.

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Classes - Online Registration

All classes will be virtual unless otherwise notated. You will receive a registration confirmation email and login instructions.

New or PCSing Spouses Information

Employment Readiness Program (ERP) Guide

ERP Client Intake Form - Use this form to request ERP services. Complete the fillable form and email to ERP here.

Military Spouse Preference (MSP) Self Certification Checklist

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Relocated Spouse Licensure - Division of Professions and Occupations (DPO)

U.S. Department of Labor Military Spouse License Recognition: A Guide to State Legislation

Spouse Employment Information Fact Sheet

Please visit the tab above labeled "Classes - Online Registration" to view and register for upcoming classes. We look forward to serving you!


Job Spotlight (Updated Weekly)

2021 Seasonal Work Opportunities

Pikes Peak Workforce Center, Ready to Rise: Short-term Certifications for Quality, In-Demand Jobs

Job Spotlight from November 15 to November 20, 2021

Job Spotlight from November 8 to November 12, 2021

Job Spotlight from November 1 to November 5, 2021

Job Spotlight from October 25 to October 29, 2021

MyCAA - My Career Advancement Account Scholarship

Get the Credentials You Need To Achieve Your Career Goal!

The My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Scholarship Program is a workforce development program that provides up to $4,000 of financial assistance for licenses, certifications, or Associate’s degrees to pursue an occupation or career field. 

For eligibility information check out the fact sheet here.

For MyCAA scholarship information and assistance please call 1-800-342-9647. 

More information and resources can be found at:

Community Partners and Resources

Ready to Rise: The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) in collaboration with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWFC) is teaming up in support of job seekers, workers and students with the Ready to Rise state initiative. This funding program is committed to getting training, skills and work experience needed for in-demand careers. Ready to Rise is focused on addressing the economic impact of the pandemic through connecting individuals to work, education and training. Anyone whose household has been financially affected by COVID-19, since March 2020, may qualify for any one of the numerous no-cost, online professional training modules available.  The funding is available to eligible Military Spouses and Family Members 16 years of age and older. To learn more about the Ready to Rise career opportunities, contact an ERP Specialist at 719.526.0452. To view a list of credentials and certifications and to apply for funding, visit:

Hiring Our Heroes: The Hiring Our Heroes (HOH) initiative launched in March 2011 as a nationwide effort to connect veterans, service members, and military spouses with meaningful employment opportunities including fellowships, career intensives, hiring fairs and career transition resources.

Spouse Education & Career Opportunities (SECO): SECO is a Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) program that provides education and career guidance to military spouses worldwide and offers comprehensive resources and tools for all stages of your career progression.

Military Spouse Career Coalition: The mission of the coalition itself is to empower all military spouses in pursuit of meaningful careers and/or livable wages and diminish legislative barriers along the way.

Pikes Peak Workforce Center - Connecting Colorado: The Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWFC) is the American Job Center serving El Paso and Teller counties. PPWFC connect vital businesses with work-ready job seekers and employer-driven services.

Institute for Veterans and Military Families: Onward to Opportunity (O2O) is a free career training program that provides professional certification and employee support services to transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses. O2O combines industry-validated curricula, strong partnerships with leading veteran service organizations and private sector companies, and comprehensive career coaching services to prepare and match you with your next career.

American Corporate Partners: ACP’s free Mentoring Program connects post-9/11 veterans, active duty spouses and eligible military spouses (Protégés) with corporate professionals (Mentors) for customized mentorships. ACP assists veterans and eligible spouses on their path towards fulfilling, long-term careers, whether the veteran is job searching or newly employed.

Military Spouse Corporate Career Network: The Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) is a non-profit organization that focuses on: employment readiness training programs, job placement solutions, no-cost services to all military-affiliated spouses, retired military spouses, and caregivers to war wounded heroes.

Military Spouse Employment Partnership: MSEP helps you find a job through the Military Spouse Employment Partnership.  There are thousands of active jobs for Military Spouses. Start leveraging MSEP to Jumpstart your career.

Military Spouse Preference

What is Military Spouse Preference?

Military Spouse Preference (MSP) allows federal agencies to appoint a Military Spouse without competition. Agencies can use this authority when filling competitive service positions on a temporary (not to exceed one year), term (more than one year but not more than four years), or permanent basis. MSP does NOT entitle spouses to an appointment over any other applicant. Military Spouses will still need to demonstrate that they meet the qualifications for the position they are applying to. MSP is used at the discretion of the hiring authority.

You are eligible to use Military Spouse Preference if:

  •  Your spouse is serving on active duty,
  • Your spouse has a 100% disability rating, OR
  • Your spouse died while on active duty

Previously, Military Spouses would enroll on the program at their local CPAC office. This is no longer the case. Military Spouses are now required to complete the Military Spouse PPP Self-Certification Checklist. This form must be submitted with your application each time you apply to a Department of Defense (DoD) position on USAJOBS in order to receive Military Spouse Preference.

View the MSP Fact Sheet here.

View MSP Frequently Asked Questions here.

For more information about the Military Spouse Hiring Path and to create your profile visit

Our Employment Readiness program offers two workshops a month (You're a Priority: Federal Employment for Military Spouses and Federal Resume and that explain the Military Spouse Hiring Path and USAJobs application process in depth. Please visit the Class Registration tab to register for the next workshop.

Licensure in Colorado (New, Reimbursement and Reinstatement)


The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) is the state's umbrella regulatory agency, charged with managing licensing and registration for multiple professions and businesses, implementing balanced regulation for Colorado industries, and protecting consumers. Professional support for Service Members and Military Spouses include:

  • Military Relocated Spouse Licensure: Effective January 1, 2021, Military Spouses may obtain three-year temporary credentials for any profession or occupation under the purview of DPO, if they hold a credential in good standing from another US state or territory and meet certain other requirements. This new program is provided at no cost to the military spouse.

          - Applications are available on the online portal here.

          - View a list of frequently asked questions here.

          - View the complete list of professional licenses regulated by DORA here

          - Questions? Please contact Joan Rinaldi, or call the                            Division of Professions and Occupations Military Liaison at 303-894-3013.

  • License Renewal Fee Waivers: For licenses issued by the Division of Professions and Occupations, if requirements that are set in state law are met, you may be considered for a waiver of your renewal fees and/or a waiver of any continuing education or professional competency requirements. Official military documentation must be provided that satisfy each of the three requirements.
  • Military License Reinstatement: The Division of Professions & Occupations (DPO) has implemented Colorado legislation to establish reinstatement for a military member’s expired license. License reinstatement may be available to members of the military currently on active duty for a minimum of 30 days and veterans who have not been dishonorably discharged.
  • Military Career Pathways: DORA licenses and regulates more than 50 licenses and occupations in the state of Colorado and is committed to providing professional support and outstanding customer service to Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, military spouses and Veterans. The assistance offered to active military personnel, veterans and their families in transitioning into civilian life include special programs and initiatives aimed at assisting with transporting existing credentials or acquiring professional Colorado credentials while meeting life needs during military service or during the transition to civilian life. 


Military spouses serving in professions with occupational license requirements face special challenges. They experience gaps in employment and costly interruptions in their career trajectory due to frequent relocations. It is the policy of the U.S. Department of Labor to reduce employment barriers and enhance career opportunities for military spouses. Colorado is one of many states that support military spouse license recognition options by allowing for expedited applications, temporary licenses, or complete license recognition.

  • Click here to view occupations with Interstate Reciprocity Agreements.  


Eligibility: In accordance with AD 2020–01, the army will reimburse a soldier for qualified relicensing costs of the spouse when––

  • the soldier is reassigned, either as a permanent change of station (pcs) or permanent change of assignment, from a duty station in one state to a duty station in another state and the movement of the soldier's dependents is authorized at the expense of the united states as part of the reassignment.
  • The spouse is not required to have held the license in the immediately preceding duty station state. So long as the spouse, while married to the soldier, held the license at any prior duty station state, reimbursement eligibility requirements are met upon pcs to the new duty station state. Thus, for example, a soldier pcsing from outside of the continental united US to the continental US may meet eligibility requirements for spousal licensure reimbursement. Likewise, a soldier’s spouse who, upon pcs to a new state, renews their license after a lapse between duty stations may meet eligibility requirements.

Reimbursement Amount: 

  • When the request for reimbursement was adjudicated on or prior to 19 December 2019, the reimbursable amount is the lesser amount between fees paid and $500.
  • When the request for reimbursement was adjudicated on or after 20 December 2019, the reimbursable amount is the lesser amount between fees paid and $1,000. 

Applying for Reimbursement: Eligible Service Members may apply for the reimbursement of qualified relicensing costs of a spouse by submitting the supporting documents to their units S-1. Supporting Documents include:

  • A completed Standard Form (SF) 1034, approved by the unit commander. The unit S-1/personnel designated official will certify the voucher. View sample SF 1034 here.
  • A copy of current PCS orders.
  • Verification of spouse’s license number, type of license and state.
  • Copy of new state license and/or certification.
  • Proof of fees paid for relicensing and/or recertification from current permanent duty station.

View the complete Army Directive (ALRACT 006/2021) here.

Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Opportunities

Are you a current NAF Child and Youth Program Assistant?

Child and Youth Services Employee Assignment Tool (CEAT) enables current NAF employees in Child and Youth Program Assistant (CYPA) positions to voluntarily request a noncompetitive transfer to another Army installation at the same grade/pay level, without a break in service. Employees must register in CEAT to be considered eligible for a noncompetitive transfer. View the CEAT guide here.

Live on post and interested in starting your own child care business?

Family Child Care (FCC) was created with the military spouse in mind. The FCC provides support, free training, free referrals, free resources and child care subsidies. FCC continues to be a cost effective child care delivery system, offering parents quality programming at a 15% costs savings compared to child development centers. Consider FCC opportunities. For more information visit

Remote & Telework from Home Opportunities

2020-2021 Remote Work Opportunities

Subject Matter Experts-Freedom Learning Group


Pearl Interactive-Virtual Care Navigators

Lumen Inc. - Subject Matter Experts

Concentrix Military Spouse Hiring Initiative

Home Front Alliance- Client Account Manager (Full-time, Part-time)

VirtForce-Military Friendly Employers

AMAZON Remote Jobs

Colorado State Univ. Global - Remote Jobs

United Healthcare

Instant Teams

Military Spouse Entrepreneurship Information

Colorado Small Business Development Center

U.S. Small Business Administration

COVID-19 Small Business Guidance and Resources

Apprenticeship Opportunities (Colorado Springs Area)

Apprenticeship Finder

Colorado Registered Apprenticeship Programs

More Community Support


Infant Massage & Baby Nurturing

Create strong bonds & increase communication between baby & parent.

Nov 30 9:30 am - 11 am

Center on Fathering

Nov 30 1 pm - 3 pm

Federal Resume and

Nov 30 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Nurturing Ages 0-5

Dec 1 9:30 am - 11:45 am

ScreamFree Parenting

Dec 1 1 pm - 3 pm

ScreamFree Parenting

Dec 1 1 pm - 3 pm

Nurturing Ages 3-12

Dec 1 5:30 pm - 7:45 pm

Professional Development Series: LinkedIn Fundamentals

Dec 2 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Toddler Time

Dec 2 9:30 am - 11 am

TSP Class

Dec 2 1 pm - 2 pm

Play Group

Dec 3 10 am - 12 pm

Play Group

Dec 3 10 am - 12 pm

Boot Camp For New Dads

Are you a new dad and need some help figuring it out?

Dec 7 9 am - 12 pm

Auditing SFRG Informal Funds


Dec 7 9:30 am - 11:30 am

Banking Management

Dec 7 9:30 am - 11 am

Everyday English for Foreign Born Spouses

Dec 7 9:30 am - 11:30 am

Write a Winning Resume

Dec 8 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Financial Strength Budgeting 101

Dec 8 10 am - 11 am

Nourish and Nurture

Dec 13 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Class

Dec 14 9 am - 1 pm

Baby Orientation

Dec 14 10 am - 11:30 am

Baby Orientation

Dec 14 10 am - 11:30 am

Domestic Violence Support Group

Dec 14 1 pm - 2 pm


Dec 14 6:15 pm - 8 pm