Newcomers Assistance - Relocation Readiness

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Welcome to Fort Carson, Colorado, the Best Hometown in the Army! Known as the Mountain Post, we are one of the top requested stateside locations.

Located on the Southside of Colorado Springs, Fort Carson is a new adventure, a great place to call home, and location where community makes all the difference. And not to mention, Colorado Springs was ranked # 1 Best Big City in "Best Places to Live" by Money magazine, #1 Outside Magazine's list of America's Best Cities and #2 on U.S. News list of most desirable cities.

Whether it’s your 1st move or last of many, the Army Community Service (ACS) Relocation Readiness Program is here to help. For newly arrived Spouses, we encourage you to participate in our monthly welcome on Friday, 17 July or Friday, 21 August.



Order a Welcome Packet

Individual and Bulk

Individual Welcome Packet - Click here to order. Packet will be mailed to you; include your name, address, contact number, arrival date, and any other information you may be needing. 

Bulk Order - To request multiple welcome packets, click here. Packets are available for in person pickup only for bulk orders at the ACS Center, Bldg. 1526.  For info, call +1(719)526-0457.



Digital Welcome Packet

Fort Carson & Colorado

Weather, It Tends to Change

While amazing, our weather can be erratic. During winter and spring, winter storms can suddenly occur. In our local area, we can get snow anywhere from mid October to late May. And depending on what part of Colorado you are in, road conditions can vary drastically. Mountain passes can easily close due to snow and ice or mudslides. South Colorado Springs may be sunny while North Colorado Springs may have snow and ice. Preparation is the key. Keep an emergency kit in your car. Download the CDOT mobile app (iOS & Android) for up-to-date road conditions. Many of the major roadways have live feed video cameras. Checking the roads before you travel can make all the difference.  

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Climate, It's Not What You Think

Although Colorado is known for its ski resorts, the Colorado Springs area where Fort Carson is located has a mild year-round climate. In January, the coldest month, temperatures average a high of 43 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 23 with a mean of 33 degrees. The area averages 37 inches of snow annually. August, the warmest month, has an average high of 84 degrees and a low of 61 degrees with a mean of 73 degrees.

Altitude, Adjusting to It

Colorado Springs elevation is 6,035 feet. Acclimation to our area varies for every individual. If you are not a fan of drinking water, it is highly recommended you become one. The air is drier and your body will dehydrate much faster. Because of the elevation, newcomers may experience slight fatigue at first. New personnel are allowed 30 days to adjust to the altitude and to reach Fort Carson fitness standards.

Hotel Reservations & Getting Here
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Our on post hotel, Candlewood Suites, is located in Bldg. 7301. For reservations, call +1(719)526-4832. Nonavailibity statements are available.

Other local military hotel options include the Air Force Inn on Peterson Air Force Base (20 to 30 minute drive) and Rampart Lodge on United States Air Force Academy (30 to 40 minute drive). Visit the Housing/Moving webpage for other helpful information.

Driving:  Located on the South side of Colorado Springs. Depending on what direction you are coming from on Interstate 25, you'll take either Exit 135 to South Acad­emy Blvd. or Exit 132B onto Magrath Ave. which will take you directly to Gate 20. 

Flying:  Denver International Airport (DIA) is about 90 miles North from Colorado Springs; visit their USO to get refreshed. Locally, fly into the Colorado Springs Airport, you'll be about 10 miles from Fort Carson. Single Soldiers and BLC students not assigned to Fort Carson are authorized to use the Colorado Springs Kiosk, +1(719)622-7985, located in the airport to be shuttled to Fort Carson at no cost.

Greyhound:  Located in the downtown area at 120 S. Weber St. in Colorado Springs, +1(719)635-1505. Coordinate pick-up by calling the Replacement Detachment CQ Desk, +1(719)526-6961 or +1(719)524-4475.

Signing In and In-processing

Signing In:  Replacement Detachment, Bldg. 1456, is located on 1783 Nelson Blvd., Fort Carson, Colorado, 80913. If reporting during duty hours, Soldiers must be in uniform. If after 1500 & on weekends, Soldiers are authorized to report in civilian clothes; however, must be clean shaven in accordance with AR 670-1. Newly arrived personnel, Colonel & below, complete all in-processing requirements while assigned to Replacement Detachment.

Lodging during In-Processing:  Unaccompanied (SGT & Below):  Provided at barracks, Bldg. 1449. While assigned to the Replacement Detachment, Soldiers participate in a 5 day in-processing schedule. APFU is required for scheduled PRT sessions.

Accompanied SSG & below, WO1, 2LT & 1LT:  Please make your own lodging arrangements. Soldiers participate in a 5 day in-processing schedule. APFU is required for scheduled PRT sessions.

SFC & Above, CW2 & Above, CPT & Above:  Please make your own lodging arrangements. Soldiers participate in Executive in-processing, 1-3 days in length.

What to Bring:  Fort Carson Soldiers need all CIF. Reporting documents include,

  • 5 copies of all assignment orders & amendments
  • 5 copies of DA Form 31 (Leave form)
  • Copies of profiles (P3 & above only)
  • Medical Record (If given to you by losing Command)
  • Dental Record (If given to you by losing Command)
  • Please attempt to bring all copies on your own. We can assist with making copies if needed, by exception.

Compassionate Reassignment Requests:  Report to MPD CAPS in the Mountain Post Soldier Center, Bldg. 1525, Rm 210.

Permissive TDY:  If taking in conjunction with PCS leave & it is annotated on DA31 & approved by an O5 or higher, please sign in at the Replacement Detachment CQ desk. CQ NCO will modify the DA31 to reflect the 10 days PTDY; no longer completed at housing. When PTDY is complete, return to the Replacement Detachment CQ desk to start in-processing. Save the DA31, Finance will need it to complete travel requirements.

Leave Extensions:  If needed, check orders for contact information or call the Replacement Detachment CQ Desk at +1(719)526-6961 or +1(719)524-4475.

DA Civilians Reassigned to Fort Carson:  Report on the the 1st day of employment to the Civilian Personnel Assistance Center (CPAC), Bldg. 1118, Rm 161. Located on 1626 Ellis St. Recommend contacting CPAC prior to arrival, +1(719)526-8341 or DSN 691-8341. 

Places to Eat on Post
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    Cross Streets: Sheridan Ave & Picket St

    Located in Main PX Food Court.

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    Cross Streets: Sheridan Ave & Picket St

    Located in Main PX Food Court.

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    Cross Streets: Chiles Ave & Flint St

    Located in the AAFES Mini Mall.

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    Cross Streets:  Ellis St & Ware St

    In Choctaw Village.

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    Cross Streets: Magrath Ave & O'Connell Blvd

    By the carwash.

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    Cross Streets: Chiles Ave & Prussman Blvd

    Co-located with Firestone.

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    Cross Streets: Macgrath Ave & 35th St

    Inside the gas station.

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    Cross Streets: Prussman Blvd & Specker Ave

    Inside the Triplex.

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    Cross Streets: Sheridan Ave & Picket Str

    Located in Main PX Food Court.

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    Cross Streets: Cochrane Cir & Harr Ave

    Inside the hospital.

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    Cross Streets: Chiles Ave

    Inside the Thunder Alley Bowling.


Baskin Robbins - Stand alone

Burger King - Main PX;  Triplex;  and Gate 3

Hunt Brother's Pizza - Wilderness Express

Ivy Warrior Restaurants (Formerly Dining Facilities)

  • Evans Army Community Hospital (EACH) DFAC
  • La Rochelle (SFG Area) - Bldg. 7481, near Devens Street and Jedburgh Drive
  • James R. Wolf - Bldg. 1444, near Specker Avenue and Nelson Street
  • Robert C. Stack - Bldg. 2330, near Titus Boulevard and Specker Avenue on Utah Beach Drive
  • Warfighter - Bldg. 9439, near Wilderness and Warfighter Roads

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) - Triplex

Korea Express - Mini Mall

Mulligan's Grill - Cheyenne Shadow's Golf Club

Outpost Food Truck (DFAC) - In front of the Mountain Post Soldier Center

Outpost Kiosk - Bldg. 2061

Pizza Hut - Stand alone

Subway - B Street Express, Mini Mall, and Wilderness Express

Housing On & Off Post


On Fort Carson

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Fort Carson Family Homes has single-family, duplex, and townhome floor plans from 2 to 5 bedrooms, in pet-friendly neighborhoods featuring playgrounds, athletic courts, recreational trails and community gardens.

Residents enjoy a secure and comfortable community environment with the convenience of on-site management and maintenance, curbside trash and recycling pick-up, lawn care services and a calendar full of exciting resident activities and events. Starting the process is easy, but if you have questions, call +1(719)579-1606 to speak with a leasing specialist.

First month's rent and deposit assistance is available via Army Emergency Relief (AER) at +1(719)526-4590.


Off Post

More than 70% of the military population lives in the local communities. Numerous housing options are available. It's important to note, the cost of homes in the local areas have significantly increased within the last couple of years. We encourage you to take the time to research and sit down with our volunteer realtors from the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors (PPAR) who are onsite at the Fort Carson Housing Services Office (HSO), +1(719)526-2323.

  • Black Forest
  • Ellicot
  • Security-Widefield (Local city directly outside of Fort Carson)
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Upon arrival, attend our ACS Homebuyer's Workshop facilitated by PPAR and learn about the process indepth. Understanding the VA homebuying process is important. 

Rentals can be found by visiting the DoD off post housing website,

First month's rent and deposit assistance is available via Army Emergency Relief (AER), +1(719)526-4590. Get informed on the local market trends.


Be proactive. For local job market information, visit ACS Employment Readiness or call +1(719)526-0452. Military Spouses who have an active occupational license in good standing are able to receive a temporary occupational license with a validity period of three years, at no cost as part of Create Occupational Credential Portablity Program (HB20-1326)

Don't forget to ask about Spouse State Re-Licensing & Certification Reimbursement. Ask about the ACS Volunteer Program, it's a great way to add to your resume and network while you are on the search.

Parents - Things to Know

Childcare:  It is highly encouraged that you contact CYS Parent Central Services for information on local daycare options, to include military-operated and military-subsidized child care options.  For details, visit Bldg. 1528 or call +(719)526-1101

Financial assistance for childcare costs after a PCS move are available via Army Emergency Relief (AER). Approval is based on financial need.

Child & Youth Services (CYS):  If you have kids, take advantage of available programs ranging from daycare to youth sports to online tutoring.

Headstart: Fort Carson has an onsite program and facility. For details, call +1(719)635-1536.

Schools (Kids):  Colorado has open enrollment.  Contact the School Liaison Office (SLO) for assistance with all the options available to parents.  Visit the Colorado Department of Education.

WIC OfficeThree locations available, with the closest office to Fort Carson on 97 Widefield Blvd, Widefield, CO 80911.  For an appointment, call +1(719)578-3199.


Events for 0 to 5 Years

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Events for 6 Years to 12 Years


Events for 13 Years to 18 Years


Schools and Making the Best Choice

Army Community Service
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    Say "Hello" to the Moms, Dads and Kiddos participating in our Nurturing Parenting Programs.

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    Participating at the War Dog Memorial Run!

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    ACS staff celebrates World Autism Awareness Day! Fort Carson annually participates in LIUB by turning the lights at the Main Gate and Nelson Blvd Roundabout to blue.

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    Participating at the annual Fort Carson Color Fest.

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    Congratulations to Mateusz Makowski (Poland), Josue Remy (Haiti) and Roodyana Augustin (Haiti) who became citizens of the United States of American. ACS partners with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Denver Office to assist Soldiers and Families. Naturalization ceremonies are held on a monthly basis at ACS.

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    Check out these lucky babies and Rocking Grannies at the ACS Nurturing Center!

Regardless of what stage of life you and your family are in, Army Community Service has services and programs to make your Army life more successful.  If you are new to the Fort Carson Colorado area, make sure to stop in and pick up a welcome packet, get maps and directions about the local area and meet our professional staff.  ACS offers monthly classes on parenting, finances, relationships, volunteerism, exceptional family members, and much, much more.

ACS offers many different classes on a variety of subjects, all designed to improve the quality of your life.



The Education Center, located in Bldg. 1012, room 138, has numerous opportunities for higher learning. To download their updated service changes as of 1 July 2020, click here. For details call +1(719)526-2124. Oniste campuses include: 

Local community campuses include:

Health Care
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Fort Carson MEDDAC is the Army Medicine command that operates Evans Army Community Hospital (EACH) and manages its 2,300 military and civilian personnel. Newly arrived Soldiers and Family Members will be assigned a provider and clinic. Questions and concers can be referred to the patient advocates. Remember, if you have a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) in TRICARE, such as marriage or birth of a child, it opens a 90-day period for you to make eligible enrollment changes.

Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling +1(719)526-2273.,-104.7966058,18z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x87134517cd538dc7:0x9fe98527a81bd423!2sFort+Carson!8m2!3d38.7421321!4d-104.7920877!3m4!1s0x87134262159137cf:0x34dd164943eb30fe!8m2!3d38.71899
Fitness, Recreation & Leisure



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Fort Carson Trails: Come out and experience our trails throughout the installation.


Campgrounds and Facilities (Joint Services)

If you and your family are looking for adventure in the great outdoors of Colorado, then the Morale, Welfare and Recreation joint services campgrounds and facilities are available.

Buckley Air Force Base FamCamp

  • Located in Aurora
  • Tel: +1(720)847-6853
  • Accomodations:  38 RV spaces with tent areas
  • Ammenities:  Laundry, Showers, Picinic Area, Golf, Gas, Commissary, Exchange, Fitness Center, Shoppete, Snack Bar, Class VI, Car Wash, Dump / Sewer, Water, Electric

Farish Recreation Area (USAFA)

  • Located in Woodland Park
  • Tel: +1(719)687-9098
  • Accommodations: 15 tent sites (primitive), four log camper cabins, six duplex units,  lodge with four rooms
  • Amenities: Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, cross-country skiing, sledding, ice skating, ice fishing, snowshoeing

Peregrine Pines FamCamp

  • Located in Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Tel: +1(719)333-4980
  • Accommodations: 105 gravel sites, eight tent sites
  • Amenities: Playground, picnic area, hiking, commissary, exchange, package store


Hunter Education Course - Information on local courses and events. Search Fort Carson Conservation Law Enforcement Program.

Things to Consider Before & When You Arrive

ACS Center:  We're working remotely; virtual services available.  If you plan on buying a home, sign up for our Homebuyer's Workshop.

Banana Belt:  If you hear someone refer to this term, it is the area around Barkeley Avenue and McGrath Avenue.  If you look at the streets on a map, they form a banana.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo:  Welcome to the highest zoo in America.  It sits at an elevation of 6,800 feet above sea level and has more than half a million visitors every year.    

Community:  Did you know, our local community has the 2nd largest DoD retiree population in the nation. We want you to know, you are coming to community who is ready to welcome you and help to make this your new home.

DEERS & ID Card:  Walk in basis only.

DMVThe office located in the Mountain Post Soldier Center, Bldg. 1525 is currently closed, visit the El Paso County DMV online.  For details, call +1(719)520-6240.

Drink Water:  Colorado Springs elevation is 6,035 feet.  Acclimation to our area varies for every individual.  If you are not a fan of drinking water, it is highly recommended you become one.  The air is drier and your body will dehydrate much more quickly.

Emergency En Route: Be prepared, save the American Red Cross number to your contacts, +1(877)272-7337.

Exceptional Family Member's: Visit the ACS Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) page for details on local services or call +1(719)526-0400. To contact EFMP at the hospital, call +1(719)526-7605.

Family Readiness Group (FRG) Get up-to-date FRG contact information.

  • Food Handlers Training - Nutrition Care Division, Evans Army Community Hospital, Bldg 7500, Room 1945.  For details, call +1(719)524-0730.

Flying to Fort Carson:  You have 2 options; fly directly to Colorado Springs or fly into the Denver International Airport (DIA), which is about 90 miles from Colorado Springs.  

Firearms on Fort Carson:  All weapons brought on post must be registered with FC Form 66-E.  It takes 2 to 3 weeks and can be started before you arrive.

Getting Around Without a Car:  Four free on post shuttle buses run daily. Call 524-RIDE or +1(719)524-7433.

Golfers:  Great news, because of our altitude, a golf ball flies on an average 10% farther in Colorado than other states.  Tee-up at the Cheyenne Shadows Gold Course.

Home Based Businesses (HBBs):  If you have an in home business, you will require approval from the Garrison Commander or senior commander. Click here for details on the process and to fill out an application.

Per Diem RatesUp-to-date details for Fort Carson.

Pets: Boarding kennels are unavailable on Fort Carson. For help, contact the Fort Carson Veterinary Center, +1(719)526-3803.  The Better Business Burea is a great resource in locating a kennel. If you live on Fort Carson and your pet gets loose, you can contact Tumbleweed Country Kennels, 12599 Jordan Road, Fountain, CO 80817.  Photos are taken of collected animals on Fort Carson and posted online.  Owners have 5 days to recover their pet before it is abandoned and placed for adoption.  For details, call +1(719)382-1126.

Household Goods:  Visit For assistance, call +1(719)554-9298 or email Fort Carson does not have a Loan Closet.

Hunting:  The post Conservation Law Enforcement Program offers a Colorado Hunters’ Education Course.   

Incline:  It's just 2,744 steps up the Manitou Incline.  Gaining 2000 feet in elevation from start to finish, it's a bit under 1 mile in length.  Take the challenge when it reopens.  

Leisure, Tour and Travel:  Get help with upcoming family vacations, getaway cruises, or tickets to local/state/national/international attractions. They'll help you put together a perfect trip. For details, call +1(719)526-5366.

Lost and Found:  If you lose a valuable, the Fort Carson Police/Provost Marshal Division is available. To check if your item may have been found, call +1(719)526-0616.

Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLC):  Available to Service Members and their Families to provide non-medical short term, situational problem-solving counseling.  Services can be provided on or off the installation and can be for individuals, couples, families and groups.  

Military Installations

Mountains are to the West:  If you get lost in Colorado Springs, remember that, it's a helpful trick to finding your way around.

MWR:  Visit our main page.  Download our DFMWR Program Directory.

Post Guide and Telephone Directory

Shopping Locations

Shooting Complex:  Visit the Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex located outside of Gate 20.  We also have a Trap/Skeet range.  For details, call +1(719)896-6196.

Ski Resorts:  USA Today named Winter Park as the number one spot.  Copper Mountain took fifth place and Telluride tenth place.  So whether you are an avid skier or new to bunny slopes, stop by the Outdoor Recreation Complex to get information.

Sponsorship: Whether your a Soldier or Family Member, a sponsor can help with getting to know the local area.  For details, call +1(719)526-0457.

Staff Duty Numbers:  24/7 Unit Staff Duty phone numbers.

Training Programs:  Take advantage of the many opportunities. 

Weather Conditions:  Download the CDOT mobile app.  You'll find that many of the major roadways have live feed video cameras.   Depending on when you are traveling, Colorado Road Conditions can vary drastically.  Check the roads before you travel.  

Welcome Packet: Request a packet. Include your name, address, contact number, arrival date, and any other information you may be needing. Hardcopy packets available by calling +1(719)526-0457; pre-coordinate pickup.

Welcome Packet:  Request a packet. Include your name, address, contact number, arrival date, and any other information you may be needing. 

Single Soldiers
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Fostering and Adoption
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We recieve many inquiries on adoption and foster care in Colorado. 

Foster Care

Local Agencies to assist with the process

Regulations and Policies

Command Policies - IMCOM

Garrison Commander Policies



Bucket List for Newcomers "Bakers Dozen"

These are personal suggestions from volunteers. No federal endorsement is intended.

4th Infantry Division
  • 1.  Ascend Pikes Peak – Climb, Bike, Drive, Run

    1. Ascend Pikes Peak – Climb, Bike, Drive, Run

  • 2.  “Get on the Bus”– Climb, Bike, Drive, Run

    2. “Get on the Bus”– Climb, Bike, Drive, Run

  • 3.  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Boo at the Zoo

    3. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Boo at the Zoo

  • 4.  Broadmoor Holiday Lights

    4. Broadmoor Holiday Lights

  • 5.  Visit the 4ID Museum & Memorial Park

    5. Visit the 4ID Museum & Memorial Park

  • 6.  Garden of the Gods – Take an Epic Photo

    6. Garden of the Gods – Take an Epic Photo

  • 7.  Ski - Keystone, Monarch, Winter Park…

    7. Ski - Keystone, Monarch, Winter Park…

  • 8.  Check out the Army Wellness Center

    8. Check out the Army Wellness Center

  • 9.  Tour the U.S. Olympic Training Center

    9. Tour the U.S. Olympic Training Center

  • 10.  Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo

    10. Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo

  • 11.  Visit the U.S. Air Force Academy

    11. Visit the U.S. Air Force Academy

  • 12.  Climb the Incline

    12. Climb the Incline

  • 13.  Check out the Labor Day Lift Off

    13. Check out the Labor Day Lift Off

3rd Brigade SFRL
  • 1.  Garden of the Gods – Take an Epic Photo

    1. Garden of the Gods – Take an Epic Photo

  • 2.  Renaissance Festival – Summer 2020

    2. Renaissance Festival – Summer 2020

  • 3.  Rock House Ice Cream – Palmer Park

    3. Rock House Ice Cream – Palmer Park

  • 4.  Old Colorado City

    4. Old Colorado City

  • 5.  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    5. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

  • 6.  John Venezia Community Park

    6. John Venezia Community Park

  • 7.  La Casa Fiesta – Monument

    7. La Casa Fiesta – Monument

  • 8.  Fox Run Regional Park

    8. Fox Run Regional Park

  • 9.  Mount Herman

    9. Mount Herman

  • 10.  Colorado College Hockey

    10. Colorado College Hockey

  • 11.  Focus on the Family

    11. Focus on the Family

  • 12.  Springs Adventure Park

    12. Springs Adventure Park

  • 13.  Croquette’s Bistro & Bakery – Gluten Free

    13. Croquette’s Bistro & Bakery – Gluten Free



Sponsorship Toolkit

Sponsorship Toolkit

Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP) Army Regulation 600-8-8



Your Relocation Readiness Program

How We Can Help

Hours of Operation

We've gone virtual

Monday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Tuesday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Thursday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


6303 Wetzel Avenue
Bldg. 1526
Google Map

Handicap Accessible


Military DSN Tel:

Write an ICE comment

Relocation Readiness Program flyer

Multicultural Services

  • Everyday English Course
  • Immigration assistance and classes
  • Meet-Up Groups for German and Latino
  • Multicultural assessment appointments
  • Naturalization ceremonies
  • Referrals for English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Tranlation referrals

Newcomers to Fort Carson

Relocation Assistance (ETS, PCS, Retirement)

  • Clearing for ACS, AER, & EFMP
  • Destination Overseas
  • Loan Closet is not available at Fort Carson. To find a list of area thrift stores, type thrift shops in the Enter Keyword search box for the 211 website. Specific resources on Fort Carson indude:
  • Office on the Go Services
  • PCS 101
  • Relocation Counseling for Chaptering, ETSing and Retiring
  • Relocation Packets for other locations
  • Sponsorship Information and Training
  • Waiting Families Program