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Military Life can be interesting!  Fort Carson MWR podcasts provide insight into topics directly relating to the Soldiers, Families, and Veterans. Get great tips, tricks, and advice from our professional network who know what it takes to succeed in military life.

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Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Family Readiness Groups_SFRG.JPG

Soldier and Family Readiness Group (SFRG)

SFRG is an OFFICIAL organization to help ensure military Families are mentored, educated and trained in Soldier and Family deployment readiness.  SFRGs help with:

  • Communication and outreach
  • Consistency in deployment information
  • Deployment readiness
  • Military lifestyle
  • Reducing deployment anxiety

SFRG is an integral part of keeping the deploying unit and Family members together.  Visit for additional Fort Carson SFRG resources.

Click here for a list of Fort Carson SFRG phone numbers.

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_At Home Learning for Kids.JPG

At Home Learning for Kids

At home learning can be challenging for both kids and parents.  Fort Carson MWR's 'At Home Learning for Kids' podcast offers great tips for military Families looking to enhance learning at home.

Check out useful at home learning resources by:

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Scholarship Planning.JPG

Scholarship planning

Are you and/or your college aid student in a military Family and looking to better understand college scholarship planning processes?  Fort Carson MWR reviews post-secondary education preparation CYS (Child Youth Services) School Liasion Officer De'Anzo Williams.

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Scholarship Application Walk Through.JPG

Online Scholarship Application Walk-through

This is a continuation of the Fort Carson MWR podcast episode #3:  Scholarship planning.  This podcast reviews helping scholarship websites such as Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®)  and

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Military Fathering Tips.JPG

Military Fathering Tips

Justin Cole with the Fort Carson MWR Center on Fathering provides 10 ways to be a better military parent.

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Misbehavior_Discipline_parenting.JPG

Misbehavior & Discipline Parenting

Being a military parent is challenging!  This Fort Carson MWR podcast offers solutions for military parents dealing with misbehavior and discipline issues.

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Anger_Conflict_Management.JPG

Anger & Conflict Management

Fort Carson MWR's Anger & Conflict Management podcast offers tips to help you deal with issues when they arise.


Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Online Support_Spouses Group Facebook page.JPG

The Importance of Online Support

The Fort Carson Army Spouses Group Facebook page provides helpful resources to Army spouses transitioning to Fort Carson including (but not limited too):

  • Finding jobs
  • Housing assistance
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) 
Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Mountain Post Living_Community.JPG

Mountain Post Living - Helping Our Community

Mountain Post Living (MPL) is an active lifestyle and healthy living Fort Carson community connection concept.  MPL provides a community approach to living a life of balance.

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Volunteering.JPG

The Importance of Volunteering

Volunteering is a willingness to support a person, or program.  Fort Carson offers many volunteer opportunities for both Soldiers and military family members. 

Volunteering brings many benefits including (but not limited too):

  • Gaining experience
  • Providing a sense of fulfillment 
  • Awards
Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Spouse_Employment_Jobs.JPG

Job Resources for the Military- Active Duty and Spouses

The Fort Carson Army Community Service (ACS) Employment Readiness Program (ERP) is assists military spouses in their desire to find a job and/or career.  

ERP services include services such as resume review,  job search assistance, interview preparation, career skills development, and various employment resources.

Visit the Fort Carson MWR ERP web page for more information.


Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Relationships_Stalking Awareness.JPG

Relationships - Stalking Awareness

Stalking typically occurs when a relationship comes to an end.  Also, did you know that 43% of people are stalked when a relationship ends?

Fort Carson Family Advocacy program members Maria Flores and Steven Arce provide an overview about the importance of stalking awareness in addition to available resources to help combat stalking.

The Fort Carson Family Advocacy Program provides Soldier and military Family wellness by offering a comprehensive prevention program that includes awareness, education and support. 

Visit the Fort Carson MWR Family Advocacy Program web page for more information.

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Military Medical Retirement_PEBLO.JPG

Military Medical Retirement - Being Prepared

Chris Nunez with the Fort Carson Soldier & Family Assistance Center (SFAC) explains the military medical retirement process.  

Visit the Fort Carson SFAC web page for more information.

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Support for Loved One.JPG

The Best Support for Loss of a Loved One in the Military

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) is an Army wide program that helps military Family members upon losing a loved one during the casualty assistance process.

SOS coordinators function as long-term support personnel for survivors and are the link to preserving their connection to the Army Family.

The essence of (SOS) is to extend honor to lost service members to show that their Families are not left behind.

Fort Carson_podcast_podcasts_MWR_military_Army_Soldier_Colorado Tread Laws_Motor Vehicles.JPG

Colorado Automobile Tread Laws

Are you prepared for winter driving in Colorado?  Fort Carson MWR brings you the latest on Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) tread laws as well as winter driving tips.

Learn more about CDOT Traction Law requirements.