Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)



If it’s a program or service, IMPROVE IT!

If it’s a policy or regulation, CHANGE IT!

If it’s a law, AMEND IT!

If there is a low cost, creative solution, GET INVOLVED!


AFAP provides Active and Reserve Component Soldiers, Army Civilians, Family members, Survivors, and Retirees a voice in shaping their standards of living by identifying issues and concerns for Army Senior Leadership resolution. Since its inception in 1983, AFAP remains the only such partnership between a branch of the United States military and its constituents.  The needs of the Army community remain in the forefront of Army Senior Leadership. AFAP is the primary tool to communicate the important issues facing Soldiers, Army Civilians, Families, Survivors, and Retirees.

Information provided through the AFAP process gives commanders and leaders insight into current satisfaction detractors, quality of life needs, and expectations of Army constituents. Leadership uses the information to effect changes that improve standards of living and support programs. These changes foster a satisfied, informed, and resilient Army Community.

How do I submit an issue?

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Success Stories
Programs and Changes that were made because of an issues submitted to the Army Family Action Plan (AFTB):
- Minimum Standards for Army Childcare
- Installation Volunteer Coordinators
- Dental & Vision Insurance for Federal Employees
- FRSAs to Battalion Level
- Increased SGLI from $50k to $400k
- Increased Military Annual Leave Carryover
- Expanded EFMP Respite Care
- Montgomery GI Bill Benefits to Dependents
- Medical Entitlements for College Age Dependents
- Operations Security Training for Family Members
- Military Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
- School Liaison Officers (SLOs)
- Fort Carson Dog Park
- Fort Carson Post Shuttle