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Considering a family holiday vacation? Looking for a romantic getaway cruise or a trip with family and friends? Stop by the Fort Carson Leisure Travel Services (ITR) Office located in The Hub. We can help you put together that perfect trip you’ve been looking forward to! LTS/ITR has great working relationships with a variety of travel companies and resorts around the world.


  • Local Colorado attractions
  • Local entertainment and sporting events
  • Colorado ski resort lift tickets and season passes
  • Attractions, theme parks, city passes and lodging for various cities and states
  • Travel and cruises
Iron Horse Park Reservations

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Iron Horse Park

Pavilions and gazebos are full-day reservations.

Item Price
Pavilion $25
Gazebo $10
Go camping on Fort Carson!

Camp Falcon is a primitive camping area ideal for an "off-the-grid" experience! (No running water/electrical power) Enter through Gate 6 (5 a.m.-6 p.m. only) or Gate 1 (24/7) to access the campsite. 

Each camping site within Camp Falcon comes with one picnic table and a rocked fire pit. Camp Falcon is next to a wildlife refuge. Bears and numerous other wild animals have been reported in and around Camp Falcon. Under no circumstances should any wildlife be fed by campers. The site includes two pavilions with charcoal grills. Call +1(719) 526-2333 to get current fire bans for the area.

Reserve your campsite now by contacting our office.

Item Price
Campground Registration Fee
(Flat rate regardless of nights reserved)
Nightly Fee (per person) for small designated areas  $3




We've got ATV trails for you to ride.

Ride your motorcycles and ATVs on Fort Carson! The Off-Highway Vehicle Area (OHVA) consists of separate unidirectional trails that run over 100 acres. The parking area includes an off loading ramp and posted signs with area rules. The OHVA is located in the southern portion of Training Site Bravo just inside Gate 20 next to the RV storage lot. Certification for dirt bike operators is the same as existing street bike certification through the MSF.  Certification for ATV riders must complete the ATV Riders Foundation Course conducted by ATV dealers or contact the Fort Carson Safety Office for classes on post.

Visit the our office to become a registered rider. All riders registered with Fort Carson MWR must acknowledge all applicable policies and complete an "assumption of risk" form.