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MWR Marketing Requests

Do you have all the information available for submission?

Please provide the basics:
      • WHAT [Title of Event/Program]
      • WHEN [Date/s; start & end time/s]
      • WHERE [Event/Program Location (full address)]
      • WHO [Contact information]

For guidance on additional information such as prices, media requests, etc., please utilize the Marketing Information Checklist.

Marketing FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I need to promote my program/event. What do I do?

  • Submissions accepted are for MWR activities and programs only

  • Requests to promote businesses not in contract with Fort Carson MWR Advertising and Commercial Sponsorship are immediately rejected.

  • The allotted turnaround time for an initial proof is 20 business days after the receipt of the completed marketing request. If the request is missing information or incomplete when submitted, the turn-around time begins after submission requirements are met.

  • Marketing campaign requests that require printed media must be submitted at least 45 days prior to event start date.

  • Campaign requests for athletic events requiring strength and conditioning training for participants must be submitted at least 7 months prior to event start date.

  • Campaign requests submitted after the 6 week deadline are forwarded to the appropriate division chief for clarification and approval.

  • Submit complete and accurate information to prevent a delay in the marketing process. Please list all the requested information to ensure the success of your project.

  • Need additional guidance? You can request a 30-Minute Marketing Consult in addition to your work order submission.

To receive a copy of your submission, you must check the box labeled "Send me a copy of my responses" before clicking on the "Submit" button.

I submitted my work order request. Now what?

Work orders submitted after 3:00 p.m. MST are posted as accepted on the following business day.

  • 20 business days minimum for first DRAFT of artwork only (does not include finished/final approved product).

  • Once artwork is approved, mandatory management approval procedures apply.

  •  All marketing materials must go through mandatory NAF Support Division approval processes prior to completion.


  • Your submission is added to the queue, undergoes comprehensive review and is assigned to a project POC. The Marketing Department reserves the right return incomplete submissions (e.g. submissions stating information as "TBD" and/or missing critical information such as, but not limited to: time, date, location, price, return policy, any applicable limitations/restrictions/regulations, supporting documentation, etc.)

  • Incomplete submissions are returned to requestor and must be resubmitted by requestor with completed information, including any supporting documentation.

  • Services, product quantities/options and/or materials/types requested are subject to the approval of the Marketing Chief and/or NAF Support Division Chief, plus any applicable Financial Management/GPC approval procedures.

Business Day Definition:

Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time).

Excludes weekends, training, federal, post closures, phased releases, delayed reporting and seasonal holidays.

MWR Employees only
See below for self-service instructions and resources.

Other Helpful Resources:

Sponsorship and Advertising

IT Support Request

To submit an IT support request, please visit:

Holiday Operating Hour Templates



Thanksgiving Fillable PDF Christmas Fillable PDF NY Fillable PDF
Bldg.1217 Thanksgiving Form Christmas Form

New Year's Form

ACS Thanksgiving Form Christmas Form New Year's Form
Business Division Thanksgiving Form Christmas Form New Year's Form
CYS Thanksgiving Form Christmas Form New Year's Form
Recreation Division Thanksgiving Form Christmas Form New Year's Form


Recreation Division General Facility Closure
3 Day
4 Day
5 Day


Business Division General Facility Closure
3 Day
4 Day
5 Day


ACS General Facility Closure
3 Day
4 Day
5 Day


CYS General Facility Closure
3 Day
4 Day
5 Day

Business Card Template

Generic Fillable Business Card Template

  • Template is for use by MWR/NAF employees/programs only
  • Business cards are a program/activity expense.
  • File includes printer's bleed and crop marks


  1. Download the business card template
  2. Populate the fields with your information.
  3. Save it.
  4. You place an order with your printer of choice (online or in town)
  5. You pay with your GPC

Optional: You can populate the fields for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with your program's social media @username

Building 1217 Door Sign Template

Single Name Template (PDF)

3-Name Template (PDF)

  • Template is for use by MWR/NAF employees/programs only
  • Door signs are a program/activity expense.
  • File includes printer's crop marks
  • Some examples of printers in town: Documart, Office Dept, FedEx Kinkos, Cheetah Printing, etc.
  • Some examples of printers online:,,, etc.


  1. Download the door sign template of your choice. Each sign is (WxH) 10"x6" with 0.125" bleed (for the printer to trim off, so color goes to the edge).
  2. Populate the fields with information. Text auto-resizes as you type in each field.
  3. Save it.
  4. You place an order with your printer of choice (online or in town) that can produce RECTANGLE STICKERS.
  5. You pay with your GPC.

If ordering online:

Here's a sample of what to expect in the online ordering process.


NAF Employee Resources


NAF Employee Handbook

NAF Job Vacancies and Applications

Army Civilian Employment Information

NAF Benefits

DFMWR Fort Carson Employee Benefits (PDF)

Additional Resources


Download Commonly Used Logos

Video Tutorials

 Customer Feedback Data

NEW! 2019 Flavors of Fall Post-Event Customer Feedback

2019 Sprint Triathlon Post-Race Customer Feedback

Real-Time Results: Activity Sign-Up Preference gathered from Active Duty Newcomers Feedback

2019 Color Fest Customer Feedback

2019 Music Preference Customer Feedback

2018 Tree Lighting Customer Feedback

Demographics and Preferred Methods of Communication (Parents)


Post-Event Campaign Analysis

2019 Sprint Triathlon Post-Event Campaign Stats and Analysis (includes customer comments)

Facility Manager Photos aka "Official Command Photos" Support Request

We regeret to inform you that the Fort Carson MWR Marketing Department does not offer Facility Manager Photo/Official Command Photo services.

All Official Command Photos are shot and produced by the Fort Carson Multimedia Visual Information Branch, who falls under Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security (DPTMS). They are located in Bldg. 1230, next to the Outdoor Pool and can be reached at 719-526-1500.

To get your command photos, submit a work order (Form DA-3903) on the Visual Information Ordering System (VIOS) website at https:// using your CAC or AKO credentials to login.

Facility Digital Display Support Request

Submit your ticket directly by emailing the Army MWR Enterprise Digital Signage team at:

Include the name of the player in your ticket. See below for the list of digital media players and locations:

Player Name Location
CRSN 001 Bldg. 1217 Lobby
CRSN 003 Thunder Alley Bowling Center
CRSN 006 CYS Central Registration
CRSN 007 Grant Library
CRSN 008  McKibben PFC
CRSN 009 Garcia PFC
CRSN 010 Waller PFC
CRSN 012 Iron Horse Resiliency Campus
CRSN 013 Iron Horse Resiliency Campus
CRSN 016 Elkhorn ConferenceCenter
CRSN 017 Elkhorn Conference Center
CRSN 018 Cheyenne Shadows Golf Course
CRSN 023 Family Connection Center
CRSN 028 ODR Rental Counter
CRSN 030  Aspen CDC
CRSN 031 Ivy CDC
CRSN 032  Monarch CDC
CRSN 036 Mesa CDC
CRSN ACS 001 LED Billboard Wetzel Ave.
CRSN ACS 003 LED Billboard Titus Blvd.


Enterprise Web Access

Click here to begin your request to gain access to the Enterprise system.