Deployment & Reintegration

The Mobilization, Deployment & Support Stability Operations (SSO) Program provides Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard units with pre and post deployment/mobilization briefings, Family Readiness Group assistance, information and referral services, and resource materials. The information and material is designed to support unit commanders in preparing service members, civilian employees, and their Families for military operations.


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ACS Helps You To Be Prepared 

ACS is here to support your needs during deployments, mobilizations and large scale emergencies.  Also visit this list of primary resources:

Resources for the Stages of Deployment

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This can be a stressful time for you and your Family. Having a loved one mobilize or deploy means shifting roles and changing responsibilities while trying to maintain a stable family life. Mobilization, Deployment, & SSO will assist units and their Families in preparing for deployment with specialized briefs at Unit Town Halls, FRG meetings, and with one-on-one support as needed. Please call to schedule any of these resources.

Additional support can be found through our classes:


On a personal level ACS offers classes and resources through our other programs that can help in preparing for deployment:


Army One Source "Taking Care of Business" pre-deployment videos explore which forms and which documents would be used to ensure that a Soldier's Family and loved ones would be taken care of if the worst should happen.


With Plan My Deployment, you can access planning tools, checklists and helpful tips to help de-stress your deployment. Create a unique checklist for the pre-deployment, homecoming and reintegration stages that contains only the information you and your Family need to successfully navigate the process.


Getting prepared for deployments is hard, but preparations for worse case scenarios will serve you, your Family and your unit well. 



Connect With Your FRG

Before deployment, ensure that you are connected with your Soldier's unit Family Readiness Group (FRG) and they have your up-to-date contact information.  The easiest way to connect is through your Soldier - have him or her provide you with FRG contact information for unit FRG volunteers.  

If your unit has a Virtual FRG (vFRG), ensure you get registered.


Fort Carson ALERT! Mass Warning and Notification System (MWNS)

Be prepared for emergencies by registering for the Fort Carson ALERT! system to recieve warnings and alerts.

Family members can register online at:


Whether this is your first deployment or one of many separations, ACS is here to assist you.

Mobilization & Deployment can assist in trauma or incident briefs at the request of a unit or Chaplain. Contact us to schedule any of these resources.


Staying involved is important for Family members. Ways that ACS can help are:


As part of the deployment phase you will be adjusting to increased responsibilities and the absence of your Soldier. Support at Fort Carson for this adjustment is available through:


Coping with Deployments: Psychological First Aid for Military Families was developed out of the Red Cross' continuing commitment to serving military families wherever they reside. This course provides useful information on how to strengthen your ability to respond to the challenges you may encounter throughout the deployment cycle. It was designed specifically for the spouses, parents, older children, siblings and significant others of service members, as well as for military members who may take the course with their family. Veterans and their family members are also eligible.

This excellent course offers guidelines for increasing resiliency in ourselves and our children and also provides information on how to provide psychological first aid to others experiencing stressful feelings or events. It can also serve as a useful link to connect you with other military families in your community.

To register and take the online course in EMBARC, the Red Cross Education Management Base, go to:


STRONGER FAMILIES: Oxygen For Your Relationships offers a free premium membership to military Families.  These are fundamental principles vital to the life of your relationship – just like OXYGEN is vital to all life. Without OXYGEN most life will die within minutes. OXYGEN is combustion, it heats up the fire, oxygen is the key component to many chemical reactions. At Stronger Families, it is our desire that the OXYGEN you’ll encounter in your membership will ignite, breathe life, and be a catalyst for change in your relationship.


To contact your deployed Soldier for medical or emergecy situations, reach out to the American Red Cross.


During the sustainment phase you are now half way through the deployment cycle. Routines have been established and you are finding your footing in the deployment. However, this can also be a time where you are feeling the absence of your Soldier and are struggling to juggle all the roles you have taken on.

Isolation can be a large contributor to feeling overwhelmed. ACS provides many opportunities to connect with others:


Citizen Soldier Connection provides opportunities for growth and connection.  They host many events free to military members such as photography classes, car care classes, music lessons, speed networking, community activities, etc.  They also provide Holiday Connections that help connect local families with Soldiers for holiday dinners.  


For financial emergency support Army Emergency Relief is available.


With the anticipation of reunion being near, this can be a complicated time for you.  Be patient and keep expectations reasonable. Take advantage of the available resources that Army Community Service has to offer:

Pre-Reintegration training may be available in your unit for Family members.  Contact your unit to see what they offer.



REINTEGRATION TRAINING will be conducted with the unit in the days following your Soldier's return.  Family members are encouraged to attend Reintegration Training with their Soldier - please contact the unit to find out your Reintegration Training dates/location.

Reintegration Training University is also available on-line for individual re-deployers


Red Cross Reconnection Workshops

Return & Reunion Webinars from Military One Source

Helping Children Cope With Post-Deployment Issues

Comfort Crew For Military Kids - Together Again!  Helping Military Families Reconnect Family Guidebook

Renegotiating a New Normal after Deployment

Understanding and Reducing Anger

Understanding Moral Injury


Individual Redeployer Online Reintegration Training

1.  You must have a memorandum from your command authorizing online RIT.

2.  Read the slide deck.

3.  Once you have reviewed the slide deck, call 719-526-0458 to make your test appointment.  Testing will take place at Army Community Service (6303 Wetzel Avenue, BLDG 1526)

4.  Bring to the test with you:

     a.  Signed memorandum

     b.  Any notes you wish to bring

5.  Upon test completion, you will receive your certificate of training.  Plan one hour to complete.

Resources for Families
Resources for Children and Deployment




FORT CARSON CYS has free and discounted respite and childcare services.  See what you are eligible for here.

Preparing for any contingency or emergency during deployment should include having your children registered with CYS in case care is needed.  Sometimes our childcare plans fall through when we need them the most -  Get registered today, there is no cost to register and may help tremendously in an emergency.  To begin, stop by Parent Central or call +1(719)526-1101 for an appointment. 

Resources for Unit Leadership



  • Rear Detachment Leader Course can be scheduled by unit
  • CARE Team training
  • R.E.A.L. Family Readiness Liasion Academy 
  • Other ACS FRG and Rear Detachment Training available by request, see details on scheduling classes HERE
  • Red Cross Coping With Deployment Course 
  • Fort Carson's Parent to Parent program (a Military Child Education Coalition initiative), provides free workshops to groups.  Contact them via email at to request.  The complete list is here, and some of their deployment related worskhops include:
    • Deployment Activities and Resources - Spend time sharing ideas about activities and projects families can do to remain connected during a deployment. We will also discuss a variety of resources available to support you during this time.
    • Reconnecting to Your Child's Education After Deployment - The Family Puzzle: Join us to explore some strategies to make reunions less stressful on your entire family and make your child’s education part of the reintegration process.
    • Staying Connected to Education During Deployment - Effective communication, planning and staying involved in a child’s education are all essential ingredients to maintaining strong connections within the family while experiencing separations. This workshop reinforces the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education during deployment. Learn what resources are available for deploying parents and tips for staying involved with your child’s education during deployment
    • Deployment GLU - In this workshop we will discuss how parents and caregivers can use books as a way to talk with children about feelings and issues related to deployment. GLU (Growing, Learning and Understanding) is an early literacy program that provides hands on tools and activities to make the world of books come alive.
  • Talking with Family members about how to safely stay connected during deployment can benefit from ACS Family OPSEC training and the Army Social Media slide deck on "Considerations for Deployed Soldiers and their Families"


Fort Carson CYS offers free respite and discounted rate care for Families of deployed Soldiers.  Benefits are listed here.

Commanders can use the memorandum template to certify deployment eligibility to qualify for Deployment Support Services benefits. 


Units can request Kids On Site Childcare for pre/post deployment, reintegration, and other unit events.   



Many tools have been shared over the years from units who are doing the same thing you are.  You don't have to start from scratch!  Utilize some of these templates by updating your specific information!  And, if you have a tool to share with other units, please send an email to the MobDep Team.  



Fort Carson ALERT! Mass Warning and Notification System (MWNS)

Leaders can help advertise the ALERT! system as a way for Family members to be better prepared for emergencies.   

Family members can register online at:

ALERT! instructional slides









The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security (DPTMS) acts as a single point of contact for all Fort Carson units and agencies involved in the deployment/redeployment process.  See DPTMS for the latest Redeployment Packet and assistance in completing essential garrison tasks through the redeployment timeline.  
One required task is the attendance of Reintegration Training.  To schedule Reintegration Training with ACS, contact the Deployment & Stability Support Operations Specialist via email or by calling +1(719)526-4590.


For individual early redeployers:  Commanders may authorize individual early redeployers to complete online Reintegration training in lieu of the traditional class.  Early redeployers completing online reintegraton training should review all online modules linked in the gold box at the top of this page.  Once reviewed, call ACS +1(719)526-4590 and ask for Mobilization/Deployment to schedule a time to come into the Main ACS Center (6303 Wetzel Avenue, BLDG 1526) to take the test.  

Soldiers should bring to their appointment:

  • Any notes they took during the slide review that they wish to use for the test
  • Copy of command memo (Sample) authorizing online reintegration participation


Resources for Emergencies

The Mobilization & Deployment Program at ACS is your go-to resource for military Families during large scale emergencies or natual disasters impacting Fort Carson and the Pikes Peak region.

ACS works with these agencies to provide Family assistance:


During an emergency the Emergency Family Assistance Center (EFAC) may be established on Fort Carson at the ACS Center, bldg. 1526. The center serves as the point-of-contact throughout the emergency for military Families seeking assistance.

The center will be open regularly-scheduled hours. If the need is determined, the EFAC will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As needs change, so will the operating hours. For assistance after-hours, contact the 4th Infantry Division Staff Duty Officer (SDO) numbers at +1(719)526-3400, +1(719)526-5500 or 24/7 +1(719)526-5613.

In the event of extended deployment/mobilization of units from this installation or mass casualty evacuation or natural disaster operations please refer to the Fort Carson website.

Disaster assistance information for Fort Carson surrouding areas:


The READY Army program helps you and your Family prepare for all seasons of emergecies. For infomation visit their website.


Soldier's have access to Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS). ADPAAS is a way for Army personnel to report their status and how they were affected by the event in a disaster-affected area.  

If you have access to the Internet you are to report your status online through ADPAAS.


To contact your deployed Soldier for medical or emergecy situations, reach out to the American Red Cross.

You can download the American Red Cross Hero Care App which helps military Families identify and access both emergency and non-emergency Red Cross services from anywhere in the world.  It is available to download for free in app stores, by texting ‘GETHEROCARE’ to 90999 or by clicking on the following link from a mobile device


Soldier's can update the Fort Carson AtHoc System to include their Family member contact information.  This allows Family members to also choose to recieve alerts via phone, text or email.  



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Check out our frequently asked questions in reference to deployment and emergencies. If you cannot find the answer you need, please call or email us.

Care Packages for Deployed Troops

Question: I’m a local community member and would like to send care packages to troops down range, how do I go about doing that?

Answer: Thanks for supporting our deployed Soldiers.  Contact our Gifts & Donations program at +1(719)526-8558 to find a current deployed unit that is accepting care packages.  We will do our best to connect you with a current deployed unit's Family Readiness Group or deployed Chaplain. 

Spouse Moving Away During Deployment

Question: I’m planning to move back to my parents home during my Soldiers deployment, do I need to notify anyone that I’m leaving? 

Answer: There will be some challenges for you if you decide to move to away during your deployment.  Make sure to update your unit's Spouse Preference Form with your contact information while you are away.  Also, ask your Soldier for a copy of the DD93 to ensure that all addresses are updated.  You will also need to update your healthcare through Tri-care and there may be additional costs to you depending on your plan.  Go online to for more information on impacts to your health insurance if moving to another location.  

Resources for Welcome Home Kits

Question: I’m a Family Readiness Liaison (FRL) for my deployed unit and trying to plan our welcome home kits for the Single Soldiers.  What kind of resources are available to me? 

Answer: Contact the Fort Carson Gifts & Donations Coordinator for support that might be available through local donations at +1(719)526-8558.  The local Warriors Warehouse on-post has access to many of the items that are needed for welcome home kits.  Warriors Warehouse is located at 5769 Wallace Street on Fort Carson, +1(402)659-8755

Powers of Attorney (POA)

Question:  Will my General Power of Attorney work for everything?

Answer:  A General Power of Attorney is a powerful document that provides someone the ability to do anything in your name, however, businesses and other entities are not required to accept your Power of Attorney.  Typically, Special Power of Attorney's are more effective documents and can provide the ability for someone to complete a specific action such as: register, buy or sell a vehicle; complete taxes or other financial transactions; handle Real Estate or housing needs; delegate parental authority; or, authorize medical care to children, among other needs.  Before deployment, Fort Carson Legal Assistance can help you determine the best fit for your needs.

Do I get free childcare during my Soldier's deployment?

Fort Carson CYS offers some free respite and discounted childcare.  To see all services provided and eligibility information click here.

How do I explain to my extended Family about being careful what they post on social media?

Some great Operations Security (OPSEC) tips can be found here.

I live on-post, what assistance is provided during deployment?

Fort Carson Family Homes offers assistance through their Deployed Spouse Program.  Among other services, they can provide pre-deployment preventive maintenance inspection and services, backyard mowing and snow removal and maintenance support and assistance with standard household tasks. 

Leasing and Community Management Office

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